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Stanbury Chargers

Stanbury chargers are made to be rugged, strong and reliable to suit the rough and harsh environment that they are exposed to. With over 50 years of experience in engineering and building traction battery chargers, Stanbury knows exactly what a motive charger needs to be. Stanbury chargers are:

  • FLEXIBLE and



Talk to us about your battery charging requirements. We have a range of battery chargers that include forklift chargers, scrubber chargers, sweeper chargers, counter balance truck chargers, scissor lift chargers, pallet jack chargers, reach truck chargers, tug chargers, golf cart chargers, people mover chargers, automatic guided vehicle chargers, electric car chargers, railway switching signal chargers, train battery chargers, mine locomotive chargers and even submarine chargers.


Charger Series

Charger range to optimize your work process
Providing chargers for half a century in the material handling industry has allowed Stanbury to accumulate a wealth of knowledge in the industry. It is with this in-depth understanding of different operational environments that Stanbury has developed a range of specialized chargers that allow you to optimize your battery and operational resource.

Motive/Traction Chargers

Green Chargers

Dubbed "green" because it is the original energy efficient and eco friendly design, our Green Chargers are engineered for use on standard flooded batteries.


Utility Chargers

Fully customizable, Stanbury's Infinity Utility Chargers are engineered to perform in extreme environments on all lead acid battery types, such as flooded cell, gel cell, VRLA, AGM etc.

Zip Chargers

Extending utilization period and eliminating the need for spare batteries are two key advantages that you achieve when using our Infinity ZIP Chargers that permits opportunity charging.



SHO Chargers

Super charge your advanced fast charging batteries with Stanbury's Infinity SHO (Super High Output) Chargers. Our SHO chargers are customized to fit perfectly with your batteries to achieve optimum fast charging.

Specialty Chargers

CV Chargers

Stanbury CV chargers are constant voltage chargers suitable for your stationary batteries used in backup facilities. This charger will keep your batteries fully charged.


Charger Models

Charger range to suit your work environment
Stanbury understands that battery chargers are often required to perform in different physical environments that can be harsh, constrained by available space or have unreliable power supply. With your needs in mind, our engineers have developed a range of models that are optimized to perform in those varied environments. Most of our chargers come in these different models so that you will obtain the perfect battery charger for your task.

G-Series Chargers

Our G-Series chargers provide you with the ability to charge from a generator in addition to the standard ability of charging your batteries from the power grid.


Convection Cooled Chargers

Stanbury Convection Chargers are one of our most popular models of charger. With no moving parts, these chargers are engineered to be tough, durable, and reliable even in the most hostile environment.

Fan Cooled Chargers

For those who are constrained by physical space, our Fan Cooled Chargers are engineered to provide the same high charging capacity in a smaller space while maintaining utmost priority on safety.



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