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Stanbury CV chargers are constant voltage chargers, suitable for flooded cell batteries that are used in your stationary backup facilities. These chargers keep your batteries fully charged by maintaining a float charge.


Standard Stanbury CV chargers come with all the safety features such as voltage protection, soft start, temperature protection and override shutdown protection that define Stanbury chargers.


Optional features can be built in to our standard CV chargers. These options include:

  • Battery Voltage Auto Equalise
  • Delayed Start Option
  • Timed Boost and
  • Trickle Charge


Use our CV charger and give you a peace of mind by knowing that you will always have fully charged backup batteries when you need them.




Safety Features  
Voltage Protection
Temperature Protection
Override Shutdown Protection
Charger Features  
Voltage Limit
Battery Voltage Auto Equalise
Delayed Start Option
Timed Boost
Time of Day Charging Option  -
Charge Time Extension  -
Timed Shutdown
STOpp'N'Charge©   -
Fast Charging  -
Trickle Charge
LCD Display
Charged/Charging LEDs  -
Manual Adjustment  -
Generator Capable               >> info
Battery Temperature Compensation


Efficiency Up to 93% 
Power Range

0.25 - 22kW

Operating Voltages


Number of Cells

6 - 40

Phases Operation

1 - 3

Cooling System

Convection Cooled

Flooded Cells

Sealed Cells

Dimensions Dimensions Table
Weight Weights Table










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