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Stanbury Green Chargers are not called green chargers only because they occupy green cases. Stanbury Green Chargers celebrate our historical achievement in engineering the first ever environmentally motivated range of chargers. Stanbury chargers are greener than any conventional charger because of:


  • improvement in energy efficiency and
  • reduction in material used for construction


Of course, being green is not all Stanbury chargers are about. The technology that Stanbury incorporates into all Stanbury chargers delivers:


  • optimized charging rate - greater vehicle operating time
  • lower charging battery temperature - longer battery life and
  • low amp draw - Less facility wiring and less utility service required


To represent our dedication to the environment, we have chosen our tapered charging profile to occupy the green case. This Green Charger is an affordable option that that keeps on delivering.



Safety Features  
Voltage Protection
Temperature Protection
Override Shutdown Protection
Charger Features  
Voltage Limit
Battery Voltage Auto Equalise
Delayed Start Option
Timed Boost -
Time of Day Charging Option -
Charge Time Extension
Timed Shutdown
STOpp'N'Charge©  -
Fast Charging -
Trickle Charge -
LCD Display
Charged/Charging LEDs
Manual Adjustment -
Generator Capable               >> info
Battery Temperature Compensation -



Up to 93%

Power Range

Up to 10kW

Operating Voltages

110; 240; 380; 400; 415; 480

Number of Cells

6 - 40

Phases Operation

1 - 3

Cooling System

Convection Cooled

Flooded Cells

Sealed Cells


Dimensions Dimensions Table
Weight Weights Table










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