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Stanbury Services

Stanbury offers a range of services that present tangible value to you in terms of design optimization, effective utilization and dependable after sales service. These services include:
  • Charging Facility Consultancy
  • Charging Workflow Optimization
  • Charger Maintenance Services



Charging Facility Consultancy

We all know that thorough planning is the key to successful implementation. Successful implementation means achieving optimum productivity and cost efficiency. Stanbury is able to help you with this by providing expert consultation, through experience gained from 50 years’ in the charging industry.


We will be able to provide you with this service in the critical preliminary stage of your facility construction, and ensure that all your design and layout aspects of battery charging are addressed. We will help you remove the guess-work, eliminate expensive mistakes, and ensures the successful implementation of your charging facility.

Charging Workflow Optimization

Making operators and the management happy is our goal in providing the Charging Workflow Optimization service. The risk and downtime associated with changing batteries and charging batteries can be frustrating for operators, not to mention, adding unnecessary cost to you and your company.


Through using our advanced analytical system, we are able to recommend subtle operational change and match chargers to your workflow, to provide you with significant financial and operator satisfaction benefits.

Charger Maintenance Services

We provide full service on all Stanbury chargers. Even though we are renowned for making reliable battery chargers, we stand by our service by having Stanbury certified and fully qualified service agents located in all our distribution areas. This is to ensure that you get the best of service from us and that your chargers are maintained to the highest standard.




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