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Stanbury Infinity Zip Charger is specifically engineered to opportunity charge using STOpp’N’Charge© technology. With the understanding that changing batteries is an unproductive and potentially dangerous task, this charger reduces or eliminates the need to change batteries by allowing batteries to charge at any opportunity. Such opportunities can come in the form of operator work breaks, meal breaks or other operational down time.


Combining PEI© charging and meticulously engineered chargers that use high frequency switch mode technology, Stanbury Infinity Zip Chargers outperform competitors through:

  • Superior efficiency
  • Higher power efficiency
  • Higher charge return factor 
  • Lowering charging battery temperature and
  • Eliminating hot disconnect arcing

    Stanbury Infinity Zip Chargers allows you to Opportunity Charge your batteries using STOpp’N’Charge© technology without any modifications to your batteries or expensive upgrade to your building’s electrical infrastructure.



    Safety Features  
    Voltage Protection
    Temperature Protection
    Override Shutdown Protection
    Charger Features  
    Voltage Limit
    Battery Voltage Auto Equalise
    Delayed Start Option
    Timed Boost -
    Time of Day Charging Option
    Charge Time Extension
    Timed Shutdown
    Fast Charging
    Trickle Charge -
    LCD Display
    Charged/Charging LEDs
    Manual Adjustment -
    Generator Capable               >> info
    Battery Temperature Compensation


    Efficiency Up to 93% 
    Power Range

    Up to 22kW

    Operating Voltages

    110; 240; 380; 400; 415; 480

    Number of Cells

    6 - 40

    Phases Operation

    1 - 3

    Cooling System

    Fan or Convection Cooled

    Flooded Cells

    Sealed Cells

    Dimensions Dimensions Table
    Weight Weights Table










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